Friday, 6 February 2015

Moochin’ around Williams

We followed Highway 73 and took the dirt road to Dog Town Lake.   As by now it was the end of October, we knew the campground would be closed, but hoped the day use area would still be open.   Yaay, it was!
When we arrived in Williams, there was a lot of smoke drifting across the town, and as we checked in we were told there were some controlled burns taking place around the area.   On the way to the lake we drove through remnants of the burns, a couple of small sections were still smouldering.
Further along in the forest there were quite a few campers, I’m not sure I’d’ve wanted to be quite that close to the burn area. 

At the lake, there were a few fishermen

but we’ve never seen the water so low.

Dog Town Creek was totally dry, usually there’s some water here.   After a walk around the lake we rejoined highway 73 and then took FR108 the Bill Williams Loop Drive.
It’s a lovely drive on an improved red dirt road, through ponderosa pines and golden leaved oak trees and on a gorgeous autumn day it’s very picturesque.

At dry Coleman Lake there are signs warning about deep pools of water, in fact I seem to remember that last time we came this way there was a boat on one of the pools.  

This time round we couldn’t see any water and definitely no boat.

Bill Williams Mountain from the road, we had yet another great day around Williams.
Have fun, we are!

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