Friday, 6 February 2015

Williams, Arizona

After we’d settled into our spot in Williams, my first job was laundry, with perfect timing I had the laundry room to myself, how good is that?!   We forgot about the time change between New Mexico and Arizona, so the next thing we knew it was time for dinner.
One of our favourite drives is along Old Route 66 to Belmont, with, needless to say, a coffee stop at the old deli at Parks in the Pines.   A trip to Camping World netted us a heated water hose, so no more having to run out and disconnect the water hose if and when we’re in places that dip below freezing at night.   After that, we topped up on diesel at the truck stop in Belmont, I’ve no idea why, but it’s always so much cheaper than in Williams.
The next day, we treated ourselves to a scrumptious breakfast at the Grand Canyon Café, after which we decided we’d revisit Bearizona.
Although we’ve visited at least twice before, there’s always something new to see, here are just a few of the animals we saw.

White bison 

Porcupine, I don’t think they moved the whole time we were there.

Big horned sheep 

Snoozing bear

Baby bears

American badger, after seeing the badger, I’m almost certain that’s what ran across the road in front of us on one of our drives to Westcliffe, Colorado.   We had a great day.
Have fun, we are!

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