Monday, 9 November 2015

Last Day in Yosemite

On our last day in Yosemite we once again stopped at Tunnel View and took, yet more photographs.   Thank goodness for digital cameras!   The sun was a little hazy and I thought there wasn’t quite as much snow as the previous day.
We parked by Curry Camp and walked through the trees to the Merced River and Happy Isles. Although the Nature Centre was closed for the season, we enjoyed the short stroll along the river.  It was quite cool in the shade.

A view of Half Dome from the river.

On the way back to the truck we walked through the canvas tent cabins of Curry Village.   Some of them have heating and facilities, some of them don’t.   If you’re brave enough, or daft enough, to stay in one of the unheated canvas tent cabins overnight in the winter I found a deal on the website whereby you pay only what the temperature was the night before.   So, if it’s 15 degrees, you only pay $15.00.
DB, the guy who hogs the heater and really feels the cold, thought this was quite a good idea, my answer?  Not a chance!

Once back at the truck we drove over to have a look at the Ahwahnee Hotel, much more my style, it’s a beautiful place and is on the National Historic Register.   The Ahwahnee opened in 1927 and has counted Royalty, Presidents and celebrities among its guests.

I believe you can book a guided tour, but we just looked around the ground floor public spaces. 

From there we drove to a lovely meadow and ate lunch, it was a little chilly so we decided to stay in the truck.

As we ate, a huge raven perched on the car next to us casting it’s beady eyes in our direction.  Deciding it didn’t like being ignored, it landed on the bonnet of the truck, peering in before we shooed it away.   Pesky thing, I really don’t like birds! 

Our next stop was El Capitan picnic area, we thought we might get some good views across the valley.   As we walked along I saw two healthy looking ‘dogs’ sauntering along towards a family eating lunch.   As they were shooed away, a second glance made me realise they were coyotes, I’ve never seen such healthy looking coyotes.  They moved away from the family and settled underneath a nearby picnic table, along with a couple of ravens.

It’s no wonder there are signs everywhere telling you never to leave your food unattended, you never know what’s going to come creeping out of the undergrowth! 

As we drove out of the valley we stopped for one last photograph.

Despite losing a couple of days to bad weather, we really enjoyed our trip to Yosemite. 

Have fun, we are!

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