Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Looking for Kings Canyon

It was a lovely sunny morning as we drove into Sequoia heading for Kings Canon.   We stopped at Hospital Rock and looked at the grinding holes.
This time I did take some photographs of the beautiful views from lookouts on the way up to the giant sequoias.

As we drove higher we could see clouds hanging around the tops of the mountains.

When we arrived at the Lost Grove of sequoias it was bright but partly misty.

As we left the grove we ran into some of the cloud/mist, it wasn’t much and

by the time we arrived at the Kings Canyon overlook we were back in the sunshine.

Although a road goes part-way into Kings Canyon most of the park is wilderness, however at the moment a large part of the park is closed because of the Rough fire. 

After we left the overlook we drove straight into really thick cloud/mist,

this time the mist/cloud didn't go away and as we could barely see in front of us we decided to give the General Grant tree and visitor centre a miss and headed down into the sunshine. 
The difference in the weather in just driving up and over the mountain was amazing.
Have fun, we are!

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