Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Picture Rocks and Movie Stars

One of the drives in Alabama Hills goes through a section of jumbled rocks called ‘picture rocks’ among them you can see rocks that resemble, bats, ghosts, horses and various other things.   The only one we actually recognised was the ‘Visible Man’ which is impossible to miss, as for the rest, well they’re out there, somewhere!
Mind you we were so entranced with the absolutely fabulous mountain views that we weren’t really looking for ghosts, horses etc in the rocks.

I think this is Mount Whitney peeping out of the clouds.

Some of the lovely views as we drove through the ‘picture rocks’ section of the Alabama Hills.

Once we’d given up on the ‘pictures’ we started looking for movie locations.   We found the marker showing where the epic film ‘Gunga Din’ was filmed in 1938.

The film starred Cary Grant, Dougals Fairbanks Jnr, Joan Fontaine, and Victor McLaglen with Sam Jaffe as Gunga Din the waterboy who wanted to be a solider.  
A marker at the entrance to Movie Flats Road names some of the many movies and TV productions produced there over the years, including High Sierra, How the West Was Won, Bonanza, Maverick and The Lone Ranger.

Some of the amazing rock formations in the Alabama Hills that we’ve probably seen in lots of films and TV shows we’ve watched over the years.

We had a fabulous day poking about among the rocks, although DB wasn’t particularly impressed with me calling ‘Hi Ho Silver’ while he was driving!
Have fun, we are!

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