Friday, 29 January 2016

Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin, Nevada is like a smaller version of Las Vegas, only on the Colorado River; on the other side of the river is Bullhead City, Arizona.   We’ve stayed in Laughlin a couple of times in the past, so off we went.
A paved path, the Riverwalk, runs in front of the casinos along the Colorado River the views across and along the river are gorgeous.

The Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall

The Colorado Belle Hotel & Casino

We thought we’d see if we could win our fortune on the slots but now it’s all computerized and the days of inserting a quarter and pulling the lever are long gone.   Quite honestly we just weren’t that interested in figuring it out, so we walked on by.   

Diesel and groceries are far more expensive on the California side of the Colorado River, as we needed both we decided to pick up both in Bullhead City on our drive back.  

So that particular day we went from California, to Nevada, to Arizona and then back to California, by the time we got back we weren’t at all sure which time zone we were in! 

After a few days in Needles we moved on, stopping for diesel we treated ourselves to some mini cinnabons, (cinnamon rolls) they were absolutely scrumptious but not exactly what I’d call ‘mini’! 

As you can see two ‘vanished’ as soon as the box was opened.   Amazing that!

Have fun, we are!

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