Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Monterey, California

Yet another beautiful morning in Central California and we headed off to Monterey.
As we drove into Monterey we followed the signs for Cannery Row and then took First Street to Ocean Boulevard.
It’s a lovely drive, and although it was quite windy we stopped several times to enjoy the ocean views. 
In several places signs warned you to beware on the rocks as rogue waves were liable to crash over the rocks and could wash you away.

One of the many small coves, this one reminded me of a Cornish cove.

We stopped at Pinos Point Lighthouse and a charming lady invited us to join their Remembrance Day Service.

Once the service was over we followed Ocean Boulevard around to the Scenic 17 Mile Drive.   After paying our $10.00 at the gate we followed the red lines in the middle of the road.

The winding road takes you to some lovely scenic views.

One viewpoint was called ‘The Restless Sea’.   According to the informational board some think that the seas in this area are rough because ocean currents collide.   But, it goes on to say the cause is more likely to be submerged rocks rather than oceanic currents.

We could certainly see what they meant as the waves were breaking every which way.

In 1542 the explorer Cabrillo discovered what is now Cyprus Point Lookout and called it Cabo de Nieve, Cape Snow, to describe the white landscape he saw before him.   Of course, nobody knows for sure what he saw.
In 1774 a missionary named Tomás de la Peña gave it the name La Punta de cipreses or Cyprus Point.   The name stuck and it became officially known as this in 1967. 

As we parked at the viewpoint we could see a high fence surrounding the parking area,

but, as seals bask on the  rocks below, we assumed it was to keep people from getting to close too them.

A couple more views from along 17 Mile Drive.

Have fun, we are!

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