Friday, 11 March 2011

South Fork of Cave Cree,

At the end of last week we drove into the Chiricahua Mountains to take a hike along the South Fork of Cave Creek. We tried to hike this trail several years ago, but unfortunately back then the trail had been washed out by floods so we didn’t get very far.

It’s a beautiful trail that takes you into the Chiricahua Wilderness area,
there are warning signs about bears, smugglers and illegals, so as usual I made plenty of noise hoping that if there was anything out there I’d frighten it away!

The trail crosses the creek about six times on its way up to its junction with the Burro trail.

We followed the Burro trail for a short way before deciding to head back, the return views were just as fabulous.

It was a very peaceful quiet day as there was no-one else on the trail. Arriving back at the trailhead we settled down for lunch on one of the picnic tables, it was very pretty, although as we ate we became aware of lots of crashing about in the trees, we couldn’t see anything but we, okay I, decided it might be a good idea to finish our lunch in the truck!

The drive back from the trailhead along the dirt road was just as scenic.
Have fun, we are!

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