Sunday, 13 March 2011

Scary Afternoon

Last Monday morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise across the Peloncillo Mountains.

A wind advisory was in place for the afternoon, with the possibility of strong wind gusts. Boy was the weatherman right!

In the early afternoon the wind picked up, I took a couple of photographs out of the window, to start with it wasn’t too bad, the dust blew but you could still see across the campground.

A few minutes after that the wind really picked up, it became so strong that even inside you could taste the dust.

Cameras and computers were hastily zipped into their protective cases and we settled down to watch the dust storm as it rolled across the valley from one side to the other, obliterating the sun as it passed over us. We were head on into the dust storm and at times we were really rockin’ so how those who faced the dust storm side on felt I dread to think. Slowly the dust storm lost its fury although the winds remained high until quite late in the evening.

The dust storm was fascinating to watch, but if we never get stuck in another one that’ll be fine by us.

Have fun, we are!

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