Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Silver City & the Supermoon

Silver City is a mining town about an hour north of Deming, New Mexico and was once home to a young Billy the Kid. The cabin he called home for a couple of years burnt down in 1894. A replica 1870’s style cabin used in the movie ‘The Missing’ now stands in the original location.

We took a walk around the historic downtown district our first stop was the coffee shop in part of the historic Palace Hotel.

Fully refreshed we continued our stroll around historic downtown, stopping to look at The Big Ditch. The Big Ditch was once Main Street, but in July 1895 massive flood waters up to 12ft high swept through the town destroying Main Street and gouging out a channel 35 ft deep. Later floods scraped the ditch down even further to the bedrock at 55ft deep, the excavation ran for about 15 miles. The flood was caused by over grazing and deforestation on the mountains above the town.

The Big Ditch is now a park.

The Warren House overlooks The Big Ditch and was once owned by Elizabeth Warren, the first woman insurance agent in New Mexico the house was the only survivor of the Main Street floods.

After that we went home to enjoy the Supermoon.

Have fun, we are!

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