Wednesday, 16 March 2011

On to Las Cruces

At the end of last week we left Rusty’s on our way to Las Cruces. We decided to take NM 9 across to Hachita then head north on 146 and join I10. It was a lovely sunny morning with clear blue skies and miles and miles of views.

So far so good, but, as we approached I10 we turned right onto what we thought was the on ramp and ended up on a two lane country road paralleling the interstate! Ooops! This wasn’t where we wanted to be especially as the sign said rough road. We followed it along expecting it to turn into a dirt road at any minute and wondering where on earth we were going to turn round.

The road continued to follow I10, no sign of anywhere to turn around and thankfully not turning to dirt. We thought we’d reached an exit point when we saw an interstate rest area ahead of us. No such luck, the country road went carefully around the fenced rest area, the only access being a locked gate. So on we went.

Not far after that we saw a sign for the Quincy exit, we looked at each other and thought, surely, we must be able to join the interstate there?

On we went, still wondering if we were just going to arrive at a dead end sign and give the truckers some afternoon entertainment as we tried to turn around.

Hurray! The Quincy exit did join the country road we were on, although where on earth Quincy is we still don’t know, so with huge sighs of relief we joined I10 about 5 miles later than we should of done. It was lucky we did as just after this exit the road did indeed dead end!

And you know, I’m a pretty good map reader and I still can’t see that pesky road on our map!

Have fun, we are!

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