Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Burr Trail

The Burr Trail Scenic Backway retraces the path taken by John Atlantic Burr a rancher for whom the road is named.   The trail heads southeast for 66 miles from Boulder and ends near Ticaboo and the Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell.   With the exception of about 20 miles the trail is paved all the way.

At the start of the trail we drove through some striking white rocks, we didn’t have a trail guide so I’ve no idea what sort of rock it is.

A creek followed the trail for a while before swinging away and disappearing further into the white rocks.

As the trail meandered along the white rocks turned to red, some sort of sandstone I think,

before winding its way down into Long Canyon.   Sunlight turned the rocks in Long Canyon a beautiful deep red as we drove through, following the trail as it climbed slowly through the length of the canyon.

As the truck was perched right on the side of the road, high above the canyon this has to be the quickest photograph I've ever taken, and yes that really was the edge!

Even though it’s paved the trail is recommended as a dry weather route, I can see why as sand covered parts of the trail where recent rains had washed down the canyon sides.

At the end of Long Canyon we had a fabulous view over multi-coloured rocks far into the distance.

Looking down it appeared that a camel was hiding among the rocks.

Our plans this particular day included returning over Boulder Mountain so at this particular point we turned around and retraced our route.

Have fun, we are!

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