Sunday, 21 August 2011

Torrey, Utah

Torrey, Utah is a small town at the junction of highways 24 and 12.   The town was settled in 1898 and named for Colonel Jay L Torrey of the 2nd regiment, a volunteer cavalry known as the “Rocky Mountain Riders”.

Torrey is also home to a log church and schoolhouse building made of sawn logs, the building is architecturally significant as one of the few remaining Church of the Latter Day Saints meeting houses built during the initial settlement phase. It is also the only known example of a log meeting house still standing in Utah.

The building was restored by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and is still used for religious and social functions. 

Our campsite, Thousand Lakes RV Park, had beautiful views of red rocks in one direction;

in the other, Boulder Mountain and the Aquarius Plateau.

It’s a lovely campsite, with fabulous dark skies at night we’ll definitely stay there again.

Have fun, we are!

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