Saturday, 27 August 2011

Rock Art Trail

The Moab Rock Art Trail takes you to easily accessible rock art in and around Moab unfortunately some of it has been defaced by mindless vandals.
We didn’t follow the trail exactly as shown in the trail map, but the way it suited us, so our first stop was on the Potash Road along the Colorado River.

The panel had a really interesting petroglyph that is thought to show hunters and a bear.

Further along is Jug Handle Arch, where there are more petroglyphs but try as we might, we just couldn’t see them.

Moonflower Canyon along Kane Creek Road was our next stop, isn’t that just a wonderful name?   The information board mentioned a large triangular shape with headdress known as the Barrier Canyon Style figure and I think this is it.

Further along Kane Creek Road the pavement ends and the road turns to gravel, the petroglyph boulder we were looking for isn’t marked and was just down the hill on the side of the road.   Parking is just a couple of small pull ins we missed them on the way up and found them on the way back. 

The boulder (marked with the red arrow above) has petroglyphs on all 4 sides, one of which is very unusual and is known as the birthing petroglyph for obvious reasons.

The last place we stopped on the trail was the Golf course, some the petroglyphs here were really snazzy.

I’ve never seen any quite like these before they look as though they were off for a night on the town back in the disco era.

We had a great day.

Have fun, we are!

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