Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Looking for Goblins!

We followed the map, entered the destination in the sat nav and arrived at a gate to a dirt road, heading straight across the desert, where a sign advised “high clearance vehicles recommended beyond this point”.   Huh?  According to both the map and sat nav this was highway 303 the road to Goblin Valley State Park?   I don’t think so!
Continuing further along highway 24, we eventually came to a sign for the state park sending us along Temple Mountain Road, we followed the sign, took a left and we were there.   The ranger advised us that some sat navs did try to send people across the dirt road.

Goblin Valley was discovered by cowboys searching for cattle in the 1920’s and was once a tidal flat on the edge of an ancient inland sea it became an official Utah state park in 1964.  

Walking through the rock formations is both weird and amazing; this one reminds me of Brian the snail from the Magic Roundabout.

We couldn’t see any flying saucers but thought this one looked remarkably like an alien.

This one looked like goblins were having a party.

It’s a very strange place to walk through and I imagine would be quite spooky at dawn or dusk.

We never did find highway 303.

Have fun, we are!

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