Monday, 25 March 2013

Magdalena, New Mexico

It was cool and sunny when we left Kiva RV Park on Saturday, but as we drove along NM 60 the sky turned a little cloudier and, of course, it also turned a little cooler as we climbed higher.
At the historical marker for the Magdalena Fault I got out to take a photograph and it was downright chilly, okay actually it was flippin’ freezing.   The Magdalena Fault is a bench along the Magdalena Mountains dividing the uplifted mountains from the plains below.   At their highest point, South Baldy, the mountains are 10,783ft high. 

This is the view from the historical marker. 

In Magdalena we spied some girls waving signs for a school car wash when we asked we were told they were raising funds for the prom and equipment.   The girls, who were wearing shorts and must’ve been absolutely frozen to death, did a good job and got BT all spiffied up, so we gave them a really good tip.   

After that we stopped at the Bear Mountain Café and Gallery,  

which is also the visitor centre for a lovely lunch, the lemon chess pie and chocolate truffle cheesecake we had for desserts were gorgeous,  another day the diet went out of the window! 

Inside Bear Mountain Café and Gallery.

Have fun, we are!

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