Monday, 25 March 2013

Red or Green?

Red or green is a question often asked in New Mexico and it means do you want red or green chili?   Our answer is usually whichever is the mildest, but then again what is mild to someone in New Mexico is sometimes what we’d call pretty darn hot!
Hatch is known as the Chili Capital of the World, and is only a short drive from Caballo Lake RV Park.
Established in 1851 as Santa Barbara, Apache raids drove settlers away until 1853 when nearby Fort Thorn was established.   The Fort closed 7 years later and the town was once again abandoned until 1875, when it was reoccupied and renamed in honour of General Edward Hatch the Commander of the New Mexico Military District.
We stopped at some of the stores to look at some Mexican pottery, my friend would love the cheeky geese and I loved the small peacocks, but where on earth do you store them in a fifth wheel?  I thought of mailing them home, but decided it would probably cost an absolute fortune.
Same with this, and somehow I don’t think it would look quite right at home.

More pots and dried chili ristas, these are used for decoration and after lots of washing and soaking can be eaten. 

DB bought a couple of Mexican pots for his outside lights and I bought a pretty spoon rest, 
unusually for me I didn’t check where it was made and would you believe it when we got back, I found a very small ‘made in China’ label underneath.  As DB’s pots really were ‘made in Mexico’ I am never going to hear the end of this! 

Each time we’ve driven through Hatch we’ve driven past a very busy burger & shake place called Sparkys so we thought we’d try there for lunch. 

It’s open five days a week and would you believe it we were there on one of the days it was closed! 

We found a great Mexican/American restaurant just around the corner, sadly I’ve forgotten its name, where DB had a ground beef burrito and I have a ground bean and beef burrito both of which were truly delicious.  Needless to say the diets didn’t do well that day! 

As for the answer to the red of green question?   We have absolutely no idea! 

Have fun, we are!

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