Saturday, 9 March 2013

Loma Alta Trail, East Saguaro National Park

Loma Alta is part of East Saguaro National Park and has been on our ‘to hike’ list for years, this trip we finally made it.

The trailhead parking was full, but as we’d decided to do the hike on a Saturday it was hardly surprising.   We parked in the oversize parking area and headed off up the trail, half expecting to be falling over people right left and centre, thankfully we didn’t.
The trail follows an old ranch road as it winds around the foothills of the Rincon Mountains.
It’s a wide easy trail well used by hikers, bikers and horse riders, on either side of the trail there are some dense stands of saguaros.

Cattle were pastured in Rincon Valley and before being driven to market they were gathered at cow camps.   At Deer camp the first of the old camps, the windmill was creaking gently in the breeze.  

The trail winds uphill and from the top we had an absolutely stunning view of snow covered Rincon Peak high above the valley. 

We followed the trail downhill, passing the trail to Manning Camp and through a shady wash full of old mesquite trees where the cattle used to lounge in the shade. 

At Hope Camp and found a shady spot under a tree for lunch, 

Old concrete water tanks remain along with old metal tanks and yet another old creaky windmill.
It's a great hike and we absolutely loved the stunning views of Rincon Peak high above the Rincon Valley.  

Have fun, we are!

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