Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Adobe Deli

We’ve been told about the Adobe Deli in Deming several times, but never quite managed to make it.  Last weekend we finally made it thanks to some lovely people we met.

When we arrived there were very few cars outside and quite honestly had we been on our own I think we’d’ve driven straight past thinking it was part of a ranch or house.

We had been warned how huge the sandwiches are, the warnings are right, they are absolutely huge!

It has a very interesting interior and you’d never think it used to be a school house.
If you go you should be sure and check out the library, there are some very interesting things in there, including this kinda creepy two headed calf

and a neat little rickshaw type bike in the corridor.

Have fun, we are!


  1. Sometimes those hole-in-the-wall stops are the coolest places!

    PS I am reading before bed. Hopefully the two-headed calf won't make an appearance...

    1. I hope you got to sleep and the creepy calf left you alone :)