Saturday, 16 March 2013

Tanque Verde Falls

Where Tanque Verde Road ends, Redington Pass continues and winds its way up the side of the mountain, turning from pavement to dirt.
There are a couple of trails heading down to the falls, we found a parking area and headed for one of them.   We had been warned that the falls can be dangerous, the bullet holed, graffiti covered sign didn’t pull any punches with its stark warning that people have been killed or seriously injured.

A little way along the trail we had our first view of the falls, very pretty.

The trail we took is steep with lots of horrible loose gravel the stuff that’s so easy to slide on.

Once at the bottom we couldn’t go far without scrambling across rocks and through water and as our water shoes are at home on the spare bed so I don’t forget to bring them……………

I can quite see why it can be so dangerous down here, on the left of the photograph below, there is a deep hole that you just can’t see until you’re practically in it and just where exactly would you go when those boulders started tumbling around in a flash flood?

There is a small rocky beach on either side of the falls

as the water wends its way through the boulders mini waterfalls are created.

The trail we took turned out to only be a ½ mile round trip and despite being steep, loose gravel it was well worth it and I’m sure we’ll find our way back there one of these days.

Have fun, we are!


  1. Ooooh, we love waterfall hikes. This one is going on the bucket list.

    1. It's a lovely spot, we'll definitely be going back, with some wading shoes! :)