Saturday, 16 March 2013

Snow, lots of Snow!

It’s been a while since we last drove up Mount Lemmon, we stopped at the Babad Do’ag Overlook which has an amazing view across Tucson.

Babad Do’ag (and no, I can’t pronounce it properly) is Tohono O’odham for Frog Mountain and from the valley below the Santa Catalinas look like a giant sleeping frog.   The word Tucson also comes from The Tohono O’odham language and roughly translated means ‘at the foot of the black hill’. 

From there we carried on up the mountain stopping at the Seven Cataracts Overlook.   Quite often the falls are dry, but with all the snow melt water were absolutely pouring down, I think all of the falls are in this photograph.

This is a close up of just one of the falls, lots of ice cold water. 

As we drove higher snow started appearing in the shady spots and we were treated to more views over Tucson, and the snow covered Santa Rita’s in the distance.
As we drove down into Summerhaven snow covered the surrounding mountains
and although we were told that the snow was a bit ‘sticky’ there were plenty of skiers and snow boarders having fun in Ski Valley.

We parked and followed the road further up the mountain, we could see across to Oracle and Biosphere II.

After which we enjoyed a very nice lunch on the sunny terrace of the Sawmill Run in Summerhaven.   As we drove home, we stopped for a few last photographs at Windy Vista, which for once wasn’t windy.

It was nice to drive up the mountain and visit the snow, but even nicer to come down and leave it there!

Have fun, we are!

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