Thursday, 1 July 2010

Horse Racing at Yavapai Downs

Yavapai Downs racecourse is right behind the RV park so we decided to go across and take a look. We know a huge amount about horse racing, horses have a head, 4 legs and a tail, a jockey sits on top and the horses run round a track as fast as they can.

Okay, so we probably know slightly less than you could fit on a postage stamp. I’ve a couple of friends who are into horse racing, but where are they when you need them?

And they’re off!

Mind you even without their help we did manage to find the bar and the food concession, although Mike did pass on the jalpenos on his hot dog!

Yavapai Downs is in a beautiful spot in the Prescott (pronounced Preskitt) Valley, surrounded by mountains on one side and wide rolling prairie on the other.

Between each race water trucks drove round the track to damp down the dust, followed by tractors to harrow the ground. I don’t ever remember seeing that happen at the Grand National!

And the winner is…………………………… we had absolutely no idea!

Have fun, we are!

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