Monday, 12 July 2010

Petrified Forest

After crossing I40 the first section of the Petrified Forest contains some Ancestral Pueblo ruins and a bluff overlooking the Puerco river.

A self guided trail takes you around the outside of the ruins
and also to the viewing points for some petroglyphs pecked into the desert varnish on the rockfaces.

There is also an amazing area called Blue Mesa, it almost looks like you’re on the moon. A hiking trail leads down into it, but it was very hot so we decided against it. Maybe next time.

The Agate Bridge is a 34 ft long petrified log straddling a small gorge, back in the 30’s a concrete support was put underneath. These days it would probably be left alone.

The Crystal Forest trail winds round masses of petrified logs, some are huge; some are small; it’s an amazing sight with the sun glistening on them.

Have fun, we are!

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