Friday, 1 July 2011

Bill Williams Loop

On yet another gorgeous sunny day, we followed CR73 south until we reached the turn off for FR108, signed Coleman Lake.

The sign at the lake advised caution when wading because of deep water.   From our first vantage point it just looked like a lovely field of grass swaying in the afternoon breeze, no sign of any water

but, further round, it was a different story you could easily see deep pools of water just waiting for an unwary wader.

From Coleman Lake, the road continued meandering its way through the pine forests round the bottom of Bill Williams Hill.   Enticing roads disappeared to the left and right, further into the forest, but having no idea where they led, or what condition they were in we saved them for another time. 

At MC Tank,

perched on top of a seed head was a beautiful red bug, I have no idea what it was some sort of damsel fly maybe?

More trails and roads disappeared into the forest as we continued all awaiting future inspection before arriving at the Devil Dog Road.  I have absolutely no idea why it’s called Devil Dog Road, but don’t you just love the name?

Here we joined I40 and headed back to Williams.
Have fun, we are!


  1. Dragon flies and devil dogs? Are you sure you're not on rt. 666?