Monday, 18 July 2011

Zion Canyon Overlook Trail

The canyon overlook trail is not difficult but it’s classed as ‘moderate’ because it climbs as it leads along narrow ledges with steep drop offs most of the drop offs are fenced, but it’s still a long way down!  

Climbers were splashing around in the stream in the narrow canyon below us as we walked round one of the ledges.

A seep filters through the sandstone giving life to bright green maidenhair fern.
There were some interesting rock formations along the way.
The view of Zion Canyon at the end is well worth the walk.

From here you can also see the road leading up to the tunnel through the mountain. The tunnel was built by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the 1930’s. There are a couple of viewpoints part way through the tunnel, some old photographs show cars stopped beside them and people admiring the view. It wouldn’t happen now as these days no stopping is allowed inside the tunnel.

Have fun, we are!

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