Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kolob Reservoir

The paved road to Kolob reservoir heads north from Virgin and winds its way for 23 miles in and out of Zion National Park, uphill all the way.

There is a difference in the road colour between the national park where it was red and the county where it was grey.

In the national park sections there are numerous trailheads, most of which were full of vehicles belonging to day hikers.

We passed from desert through pine trees and right at the top came into the quaking aspens, lush meadows with an array of wildflowers and some absolutely gorgeous homes.

We found a quiet spot by the reservoir where we spent an hour or two and ate lunch,
and as this was bear country kept an eye on our picnic basket, just in case Yogi decided he was feeling peckish!

The scenery actually reminded us a little of what the Lake District at home would look like without the rain!

Have fun, we are!

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