Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Snow Canyon State Park

Originally called Dixie State Park, the park opened in 1959 however the name was changed to Snow Canyon State Park after Erastmus Snow.

It’s very pretty, lots of red rocks, but the day we were there it was very hot, so we only took a couple of short trails.

The first one we took was called Jenny’s Canyon the trail led through the sage brush and red rocks.

The entrance was hidden by some bushes and had it not been for the sign we might’ve walked straight past.

Jenny’s Canyon is a short narrow slot canyon, more than long enough for me.

Our next stop was the Pioneer Names trail, again this was only a short trail and led to an alcove where pioneers travelling through the canyon had written their names in axle grease.

As you can see despite the alcove being quite a climb, several modern day er ‘pioneers’? have also left the marks.

Have fun, we are!

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