Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Silver Reef Museum/Ghost Town

I15 exit 23 leads to Silver Reef, which was only one of two places in the world where silver has ever been found in sandstone, it’s not technically a ghost town as quite a few people live there.

The Silver Reef Museum and gallery is located in the old Wells Fargo Office, and has a beautiful sculpture of a stagecoach inside.

In front of the building a sandstone slab has marks from canes and parasol used by passengers steadying themselves as they alighted from the swaying stage coach.

Inside the building the original safe is still in place and as far as they are aware it was never robbed, it does however appear to be haunted.   At night the motion sensors pick up something or someone walking from the safe to where the stage would be.   Seems like the Wells Fargo depot manager is still busy performing his duties!

All that remains of the one of the mills are the rock walls across the valley and a wooden chute by 1900 it had ceased operating marking the end of Silver Reef.

Have fun, we are!

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