Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Paradise Forks, (Sycamore Falls) & Whitehorse Lake

Paradise Forks or Sycamore Falls as it’s shown on some maps is a hiking and climbing area, although the climbing is dangerous and only recommended for experienced climbers or those with guides.

FR141 winds through the forest and across the open expanse of McDougall Flats before turning onto Whitehorse Road, FR109. The road is marked as primitive and not regularly maintained but it was actually in as good if not better condition than FR141.

The parking area is signed as Sycamore Falls and the signboard refers to the Sycamore Rim trail.

There are two canyons Gold and Silver Canyon, very pretty and very jagged and crumbly, it’s easy to see why it’s only recommended for experienced climbers.

We followed the trail along the rim for a while before heading off to Whitehorse Lake.

Whitehorse lake is very pretty and has a couple of short trails, but it was hot and we decided we’d done enough walking for the day.

The campgrounds were pretty full with lots of people escaping the heat in the valley. We found a great spot with dappled sunshine and a nice breeze, we got out our lawn chairs and cooler and settled down to enjoy the afternoon. Wouldn’t you know it the breeze picked up and got very gusty so, after the second attack by flying pine cones we gave it up as a bad job and came home.

Have fun, we are!


  1. Okay! Paradise Fork. Sounds to me like a much better place. I lived in Tucson for a few years. That part of the country is better in the winter, for me anyhow. This time of year, we go to Ouray, Colorado.(next week)

  2. Ouray is wonderful, we spent 5 weeks last summer in Colorado and had a great time. Enjoy!